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Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready!

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

The more often I see job openings offered by our LEAD partners, the more I wonder about the long-term unemployed LEAD candidate.  It is my hope that this person has not given up and remains diligent in the job search.

There are many more employment opportunities available now than were in the fall of 2011.  Once the election is behind us, I predict we will see MANY more employment opportunities.   It doesn’t matter who wins the election, I just believe more openings will materialize.  Another factor in my optimistic outlook is the fact that people who delayed retirement two or three years ago are ready and willing to leave.   I also think employers have identified the head count they really need to get the work done.   I sense employers are just bracing.  I sense they are just waiting to pull the lever to advertise and post job after job after job.   My concern is:  Will the LEAD candidate be prepared to respond to that job opening as SOON as it is posted?   Being prepared NOW is the key.

It appears my communication skills are not as sharp as they used to be.  I’m really burdened about this because I find myself repeating the same job search best practices over and over again.  As a news reporter, I didn’t have any communication issues.  I didn’t have trouble getting points across.  Whether reporting through radio or television, I could get a message across.  I will continue to work on communicating with candidates and applicants, but in the meantime the following points may be better absorbed if they are shared in written form.  Successful candidates of North Texas LEAD will tell you:

  • Your resume must include measurable accomplishments.  Too many resumes read like job descriptions prompting yawns from hiring managers and recruiters.
  • Communicating with LEAD staff at every juncture is critical since you never know if the recruiter who contacted you for an interview today is having lunch with us the next day.
  • Following the instructions associated with the Did You Apply link is key to receiving the heightened endorsement from LEAD.
  • Do not apply for positions you believe you can do—-apply for positions you can prove you can do.
  • Attendance at LEAD’s invitation-only quarterly receptions is for serious job-seekers only with active applications with partners.  These receptions attract candidates from all across the country and may provide the ‘edge’ you need to land that position.
  • Regularly updating your profile to receive job alerts from LEAD partners is the only way you will consistently know what openings exist.

Congratulations to Gretchen Collins, Chris Fox, Andre McEwing and Christy Buie-Nunley who are among 2012 candidates who  have found employment.   Successful candidates will tell you they were diligent, coachable and prepared so that when the right opportunity presented itself, they were ready.

I hope LEAD candidates spend every available moment GETTING READY!

Gyna M. Bivens, President and Executive Director

North Texas Leaders and Executives Advocating Diversity

More than 400 LEAD candidates have found positions throughout the North Texas region.

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

More than 400 LEAD candidates have found positions throughout the North Texas region.  Alums of LEAD are employed with members and non-members of LEAD.  Mark McClendon, Tarrant County College District Vice Chancellor of Finance hosted a meeting for Alums to share ideas on shaping the future of LEAD.  While all Alums are interesting in positioning themselves for advancement, the group settled on three topics of common interest that would benefit Alums at all levels.  Three task forces were formed to address executive level career advancement, strategic networking and professional development.  McClendon will lead the advancement task force.  The networking initiative will be led by F.W.  Metropolitan YMCA HR Vice President Ken Reeves.  JPS’VP & Chief Diversity Officer Dresdene Flynn-White leads the development team.

The City of Fort Worth and North Texas LEAD.

Monday, May 14th, 2012

The City of Fort Worth opens its doors to candidates of North Texas LEAD.  The City has been a member of LEAD since inception and holds a seat on LEAD’s Board of Directors.    Pictured with Fort Worth City Manager Tom Higgins include Board and  Advisory Council along with three LEAD Alums   Two dozen employers are members of LEAD because they want to have a diverse workplace.  College-degreed job seekers attend these events in search of employment.  Pictured left to right are: JPS Health Network CEO Robert Earley,  Advisory Council Member Carlos De La Torre,  Oncor Electric Delivery Vice President Michael Guyton,  Fort Worth City Manager Tom Higgins,  LEAD President & Executive Director Gyna Bivens,   Housing and Economic Development Director & A.C. Member Jay Chapa and City Budget Manager Horatio Porter.  Also attending the reception were Star-Telegram President and Publisher Gary Wortel and Freese & Nichols CEO Bob Pence who is also Chairman of LEAD’s Board of Directors.

LEAD Chairman Bob Pence with President Gyna Bivens.

Monday, May 14th, 2012