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The Connection

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

By Gyna M. Bivens, President & Executive Director

“I have a friend in Human Resources.” “I know the CEO (we worked on a project together).” “My former co-worker is on the team who will select the person to be hired.”

These are just a few of the statements I hear from professional job-seekers who earnestly believe they have the inside skinny on a position they have targeted. Slowly, but surely I think the word is getting around: THINGS HAVE REALLY CHANGED FOR TODAY’S JOB-SEEKER. Having an ‘inside connection’ is wonderful – – – but having a power punching resume that reflects your excellent preparedness and solid experience gives you the true edge that will eventually pay off.

No matter how many inside connections a job-seeker may have, it is important to have a realistic view of the impact your contact can have on your job search. Simply stated: NEVER OVER ESTIMATE – – – OR UNDER ESTIMATE the impact of your inside connection. Whether these inside connections are blood-related, or part of your network; your resume, work history and the ability to communicate those with strength is what will help you stay in the door after your connector has gotten you IN THE DOOR. (That’s assuming your inside connection can indeed get you in the door.)

A huge sigh of relief has been heard throughout the LEAD resume database as job postings are becoming more prevalent and relevant. I know you are seeing the jobs coming through.

We were delighted that our newest partner, JPS Health Network made its first hire in checkmate fashion when they hired Dresdene Flynn-White as their Vice President of Human Resources. Shortly before that good news, Bruce Carter was hired as the Assistant Vice President of Talent Management for DFW International Airport. The Airport also hired Michael Carr as a Quality Engineer. The most recent hire, Anthony McKinney is at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics (F-35/Forward). A number of non-partner companies hired LEAD candidates like Earl Moorer as Plant Manager with Georgia Pacific. Marilyn Thomas ended up on the grounds of a partner company, but was selected as a Cost/Price Contract Analyst for the Defense Contract Management Agency. There are more placements that have occurred.

I share these success stories to let you know the jobs are definitely coming but each of these successful LEAD Alumni will tell you their resumes made the compelling argument that led to them being considered, interviewed and eventually hired. Why (you ask) don’t we have these success stories on the website? I’m glad you asked. Keep checking the “Success Stories” tab on our website. We will update it with this good news and more. Thank you so much for that suggestion.

Seriously, don’t over/underestimate the impact your inside connections have. Value them – — but place greater value on what your resume says about you. It must make the compelling argument that you must be hired. It must leave company officials with a sense of loss if they miss the opportunity to hire. It must get you in the door, interviewed and eventually hired.

Wishing you the very best,
Gyna B.