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New Partners & Holiday Job Search Tips

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

What a wonderful season we have before us as we count down the days of 2011.   North Texas LEAD enters 2012 with significant impact.  Two new partners are joining our vision and I know LEAD candidates AND applicants will peruse their websites with vigor.   It is no surprise the executives who generously shared their time during LEAD’s Decade of Service luncheon also met with a group of Dallas CEOs to share the LEAD vision.  Two company leaders committed to joining on the spot.  Every candidate and applicant of North Texas LEAD would have been moved to see Jeff Fegan (DFW International CEO), Ralph Heath (President of Lockheed) and my landlord Matt Rose (Chairman and CEO BNSF Railway) tout the benefits of partnering with LEAD.  Office space has been provided to LEAD since the doors opened on August 11, 2001.

Trinity Industries’ CEO Tim Wallace attended the Dallas meeting and is bringing his Dallas-based company into the LEAD consortium.  We await word from the second Dallas company whose general manager committed to joining as well.  As the Dallas talks were winding down, other LEAD advocates were sharing the story with a major university.    University of Texas at Arlington President James Spaniolo embraced the LEAD vision and we now have our fourth institution of higher learning to join LEAD.   Both employers have impressive openings.  During the last reception of the year, candidates were delighted that Omni American Bank’s job openings are now on the company’s website!  Positive change is all around.

Prayers are always sent ‘up’ for all candidates, but there is much to be said for on-going preparation on the part of candidates.   The most important job-tip I’ve heard in recent months came from Lockheed Martin’s Robert Buck.   As most of you know, we conduct monthly briefings before selecting the applicants who will be considered for LEAD candidacy.   During the October briefing Robert carefully dissected the typical resume.  Anyone who knows Robert knows he is a very passionate guy.  People who don’t know him will appreciate his passion for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics.   Robert drives from Allen, Texas every morning to the defense contractor located in west Fort Worth.  That’s passion.

Robert told job-seekers to pay close attention to the next job description that spoke to them.   Too often a resume can highlight the achievements a job-seeker is proud of—–but those achievements are often not in sync with what is stated as a requirement in the job description.   I actually saw faces light up when Robert told the group of nearly 40 to make sure their resume……well, you can email Stephanie and I for the REST OF THAT STORY.   It’s not intellectual property—-but it is worth a personal conversation.   If you are a job-seeker and you want to hear what we think is the best advice we’ve heard all year —-email us.

In case you missed the luncheon, please take time and click on the video tab on our website:   Whether you find your next job with a LEAD partner or non-partner, you will be pleased to know you are a part of a vision that is supported by corporate giants.    Because of the support of the partners of North Texas LEAD, people all across the nation are changing the way they view North Texas.   Every applicant who uploads a resume to the LEAD database contributes to that change.

Don’t let the holidays lull you into an aura of inactivity.   You must update your profiles with the LEAD companies.  You must structure every resume with critical consideration.  You must continue to improve your delivery….your presence….your outlook.  I truly believe the only way to conquer the future is to start with the now.

-Gyna Bivens


Applying for Jobs – Common Sense Tips You’re Overlooking

Friday, November 18th, 2011

With the year end quickly approaching, the opportunity to apply and be considered for jobs closing this year are becoming scarce. I enjoy reading career blogs and tips and most of the time there is a big ‘a-ha’ moment for me. This article was shared with me and it includes all of the common sense tips and practices that job seekers should be applying to their jobs… BUT THEY DON’T. Why is that?

Turn off your filters and read this carefully. This may open you to opportunities you would’ve never been considered for because you were a “blind squirrel”, “sloth”, or one of those infamous “me-me-me’s”.

David Weliver from Money Under 30How to Not Suck at Applying for Jobs

Best wishes,

Stephanie Valadez