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WHERE THE JOBS ARE/Missed Opportunities

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Three hiring managers recently shared job descriptions with me.  All would have been perfect opportunities for LEAD candidates.  I was able to identify appropriate candidates for two of them, but the third arrived at a time when my desk was hidden with all the work to be done by me in the absence of H.R. Generalist Stephanie Valadez who is on maternity leave.  Of course I needed to tackle my work as well.  That overload, plus a speaking engagement really narrowed my candidate searching opportunities for this third and final position that was literally placed in my lap.  I forgot to mention we were finalizing plans for the March panel interview of 18 aspiring applicants.

After the panel interview day, I decided to search for myself.  I wanted to see just what positions were being posted by LEAD partners.  I spent the entire evening searching LEAD employer’s website until nodding off at 10:45 p.m.   What I found was most impressive: JOBS!!  JOBS!! JOBS!!

Frustrated, I verbalized:  If the candidates (in this field) had just kept their profiles active (with the company), they WOULD HAVE KNOWN about this specific opening for this AWESOME position!

What I learned last night was there are Human Resources positions with a number of LEAD partner employers.  There are many technological positions calling for mainframe development, COBOL, Khalix, PATS knowledge and much more.  There are finance, bookkeeping and controller positions posted.

There are SOOOO many positions at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and Lockheed Martin Aeronautics; I can’t begin to categorize them.  Even with our biggest supporter, BNSF Railway, there are jobs posted.
If we were not so short-staffed, I would suggest candidates contact us for information on where these jobs are.  The advice I have to offer is much better:

IF YOU ARE A CANDIDATE (OR FUTURE CANDIDATE) OF NORTH TEXAS LEAD, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND UPDATE YOUR PROFILES WITH THE PARTNERS.  The job description I received that required more time than I had hours to give is a perfect example of a missed opportunity for candidates simply because profiles were no longer active or lacked relevant information.  I am prepared to have a telephone conversation with candidates who want advice yielding greater depth on searching for a job. When you call, I’ll be quoting Jeff Foxworthy and Eddie Murphy. Both had the same advice on how to improve one’s job search activities.